US Concerts

It’s been a very exciting year for me in the U.S. market. There have been so many dates in a row that it got confusing with air travel and coming and going! Some were a little strange, such as the outdoor afternoon show at Hershey Park in 100 degree temps. Not a bad one in the bunch though!

Las Vegas was excellent because the Orleans Casino is a super place to do a show. The theater is laid out the way I like to work, with a good size stage and visually great. The Bushnell in Hartford is another lovely theater which lends itself to a good show. Turning Stone has a stage you could play football on and I love the freedom of being to wander around during a show. This was the best week I have ever had at the Mohegan Sun Cabaret theater. Everything went right for all five shows and it turned out to be a real fun week.

Coming up is the Half Hollow Performing Arts show in Long Island New York, and the Kravis Center for Performing Arts in West Palm Beach Florida. Then it’s off to the islands for two weeks before Christmas takes over. We start off next year at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant Michigan. Then off to the UK for 23 concerts in Scotland, Wales, and England. That tour is already doing well and it’s a long ways off!

See you all soon somewhere


Fountains of Gene

In a recent interview with Dave McGrath for the July Fan Club newsletter, Chris Collingwood, lead singer/guitarist/songwriter for the popular band Fountains of Wayne, revealed something very interesting!  Being a H-U-G-E Gene Pitney fan, Collingwood said he would be thrilled if Gene "would ever consider being a guest vocalist on a track on the band's next CD."

Fountains of Wayne scored a massive international hit last year with "Stacy's Mom." The three-piece band from New York recently released a CD titled "Out of State Plates," which includes a cover version of Gene's "Today's Teardrops" (as well as the Bacharach-David classic "Trains and Boats and Planes").

Collingwood actually lives in Massachusetts---not far from where Gene lives in Connecticut. Collingwood hopes to meet Gene at Gene’s June 11th concert in Hartford. Comment in the forum!

Gene Pitney Community Forum

"I thought it was about time to have a place to chat to each other," writes Gene, "I have a feeling the Artist Direct board is gone forever... I missed the interaction while on the last two tours." Read and reply to Gene's welcome message!

Message from Gene in Australia

"G'day,  I am in of the Australian tour and it's been super!  In Melbourne now for a ten day run ending at the Crown Casino for two nights.  We have been to Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, and Perth so far.  Today is the first cool day I have felt since being here and the first cloudy days as well.  Autumn is on the way..." Read more and comment in the Community Forum!

UK Tour

The 2004 UK tour was the best I remember!  Even the weather wasn’t too bad this time around.  Not much sunshine but pretty mild so I’ll take it with all the traveling involved.  I want to say thanks to all the people that gave us a virtually sold out tour and especially to those who made it to so many concerts out of the 23!  The final two shows in Dublin were really exciting with such a great atmosphere in the theatre.

Provo Vacation

I had a five day window on the return from the UK tour to unpack and repack for the annual family trip to the islands.  The sun always shines in Provo so it was great to lay back on the beach and let the day go by.  I was well prepared to drive the van on the island seeing as I just did about 2500 miles on that side of the road!!  I had lobster again for Thanksgiving dinner!

US Shows

Please stay tuned for some great shows in 2005 in the U.S..  I just got home so I haven’t had time to really get into it yet but the dates mentioned sound super and I will let you know as soon as they are set in stone.  The only one at the moment that is confirmed is the Bushnell Theater in Hartford Ct.  on June 11th.  It’s a beautiful theater that has recently been redone.  I played there last with one of the package tours in the 60s!


The tour in Australia has now been confirmed and the dates are up on my website and also on Pollstar.  The shows are in every part of the country and once again my frequent flyer account will be overflowing!  Not sure if I will go through Hawaii this time or take the long 15 hour flight out of Los Angeles.  I did it once before and was a basket case when I got off the plane so I will have to think about it. I look forward to seeing you all somewhere in 2005!

Gene Pitney Oct/Nov 2004 UK Tour 

Gene will once again be touring the UK in 2004. The venues are now being booked and the tour should be announced very soon. Gene is hoping the weather stays in the autumnal mode until the tour finishes with two shows in Dublin.

Gene speaks out to fans

Gene chronicles his 2003 journey in a fan club newsletter available to everyone right here on the official web site. Click to read!

Bronze Masters & Pitfield Sessions

The Bronze masters from the 70s with songs such as Blue Angel, Trans Canada Highway, Oceans Away, Hold On, Train of Thought, among others, are now out on Sanctuary Records in the UK. The masters are in a two CD set. One CD is all Bronze masters and the other is from the Pitfield Sessions from the early 90s. This contains many covers such as Killing Me Softly, She's a Rebel, It's a Heartache, You're the Reason, and more. The Bronze tracks have been sitting in a temperature controlled vault in London for over 25 years. All the tracks were digitally remastered at Pitfield Studios. The recordings highlight some great songwriters such as Elton John, Roger Cook, Albert Hammond, Paul Williams, Chris De Burgh, and Cynthia Weil.

Hall of Fame Edition Program

The new Hall of Fame Program will be on sale at all concerts in the U.S. and later this year in the U.K. The Program has many new fotos and Gene's own story of the road traveled to get to the Hall of Fame. It is quite a milestone in any career and thought to be long overdue by many!

Gene Pitney Australia 2003 Tour
October 2003

Gene performed nineteen fantastic shows in Australia. Update: Gene finished recording a new song with Rodney Vincent.  Rodney is the one that Gene wrote a song with in Australia and did harmony to his vocal. Well, they have done it again! The two wrote another song on the last tour and it was played during the October Oz tour. "I Won't Make That Same Mistake Again" is the title.

Gene Graces the Stardust
September 2003

"Judging from the reaction of fans at his [Vegas] debut, this should not be his last hurrah on the Strip," writes Jerry Fink of the Las Vegas Sun. Read the full review: "A perfect Pitney leaves audience hungry."

Gene Pitney Spring 2003 UK Tour
May-June 2003

Gene hosted twenty-one shows in the UK this past spring. Loved it? Sound off in the forum!

UK Television & Radio Appearances
February 2003

Feb 11, 2003 - Today with Des & Mel - ITV
Feb 12, 2003 - Breakfast - BBC TV
Feb 23, 2003 - Desert Island Discs - BBC Radio 4
Feb 29, 2003 - Desert Island Discs - BBC Radio 4 (repeat)

Myfanwy At Oxford
November 2002

CD released in UK on Eagle Rock Records in November '02 which has GP track called "Myfanwy at Oxford". It is a very unique recording being lyrics by Welsh poet Sir Robert Betjman and music by UK music man and DJ Mike Read. It is a narrative set of poems by Betjman depicting life at Oxford University for his lady Myfanwy. It is in English with a distinct Welsh lilt to it which made it very difficult for Gene to sing.

Website Redesign
October 2002

The resdeigned is live! Three new pages complement reworked versions of familiars like music, biography, and fotos. The new pages are: Shop - Buy the Gene CDs you need. Links - Gene Pitney web destinations. News - Upcoming and recent Gene happenings.

Mohegan Sun Concerts
July 3-7 2002

Gene enjoys a week of successful performances at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT.

2002 Australian Tour
April-May 2002

Gene wows audiences in Australia and New Zealand with a successful cluster of concerts throughout the continent.

Gene Becomes Hall of Famer
March 18 2002

Gene is inducted into the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. Images of the event are available on the fotos page.

2002 UK Tour
Jan-Feb 2002

Gene's 25-concert UK tour spans England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales and is a success.

PBS National Broadcast
December 2001

Film footage of Gene's live concert at Foxwoods Resort gains national exposure when it appears on the PBS network. All mixing and audio work for the concert is done by Todd Pitney at Gene's home recording studio.

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